Zhongshan Station, Taipei Metro

Redesign of Service Box Facilities

This project, a collaboration between Taiwan Design Research Institute and Taipei Metro Company under the “Taipei Metro Redesign” initiative, chose Zhongshan Station as the first demonstration station. The concept of the station space is to “encapsulate metro services in a box,” with the inquiry desk as the focal point, extending various services on both sides. The aim is to enhance the public service experience and serve as a reference for subsequent applications in older metro stations. NAKNAK’s role in the project is to redesign and integrate station facility objects.

During the design process, the focus was on integrating commonly used facility objects such as trash bins, charging tables, bulletin boards, DM racks, and umbrella stands into the design, finding the most suitable form for each object that can be incorporated into the service box module or independently placed in the station space, satisfying the needs of the public while facilitating cleaning and maintenance for station staff. The goal is to create comprehensive impact through incremental improvements.

Co-organized: Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei Metro Company
Executing Unit: Taiwan Design Research Institute
Participating Departments of Metro Company: Operations Planning Department, Station Management Department, Engineering Department
Interdisciplinary Consultants: Qiu Bowen, Lin Shixu, Lin Yishun, Liao Huiyan, Lin Shichang
Space Planning: Formosa Design
Visual Planning: IF OFFICE, Flat Office
Product Planning: NAKNAK
Detailed Design: UPGA Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., UPGA Tile Design
Photography: Fengyu Imaging
Date: July 2021