NORM Chair Pre-Experience Event Successfully Concluded, Pre-order Available on Zeczec!

This year, NAKNAK introduced its first solid wood chair, NORM, meticulously designed for just the right balance in appearance, form, and material usage.

NORM embodies the essence of “normal” and expresses a benchmark, a widely accepted status. It’s a chair that is ordinary yet extraordinary, a balance we aspire to achieve. Through an understanding and exploration of local woodworking industries, we present a chair with just the right balance of practicality, texture, and affordability in terms of design, materials, craftsmanship, and finish. We hope to offer a trusted choice for space seating and establish a new standard of living quality.

The pre-experience event has concluded successfully, and we thank everyone for their support and attendance, as well as the thoughtful assistance from our on-site staff.
Pre-order link: