Fire Extinguisher Series New Products Officially Launched

Since 2018, NAKNAK has been dedicated to exploring basic facilities often overlooked in public spaces, aiming to integrate aesthetics further into people’s daily lives through reinterpreting objects.

Fire extinguishers have always been essential in public areas. As the inaugural product of the brand’s public series, the “SCREEN Fire Extinguisher Rack” aims to blend seamlessly into spaces while maintaining recognizability, bringing new possibilities to the appearance of firefighting peripherals and driving the continuous development of the brand’s complete product series.

To meet various installation needs, the “OVAL Oval Fire Extinguisher Rack,” capable of holding two large fire extinguishers, was also introduced. This year, the “TRI Triangle Fire Extinguisher Hook,” designed to neatly secure extinguishers on walls, along with the “FIRE SIGNAGE Fire Extinguisher Sign,” indicating equipment locations, have been launched. Additionally, the new “OUTLINE Wireframe Fire Extinguisher Rack” offers different style choices for single-standing fire extinguishers.

Expectations are high that the full range of items will satisfy more diverse usage scenarios in the future while maintaining public safety and spatial aesthetics.